“If not us, who? If not now, when?” – RFK

The Story of Miigle+

Re-engineering Consumerism into a Force for GOOD

As a company, Miigle+ is redefining consumerism by using technology to impact consumer behaviors for the benefit of all mankind and the future of our planet.

As a product, Miigle+ makes it easier for you to discover, shop and support products from socially-conscious and eco-friendly brands making a positive difference, whether it’s by sustaining the environment, protecting animal rights or fighting against poverty, hunger and other social challenges the world faces. We want to re-engineer consumerism by empowering people to be conscious consumers and enticing brands to be responsible producers.

This humbling desire to have a positive effect in the world was brought to light in 2003 when as a 20-year old, Miigle’s founder, Luc Berlin was one of six Pre-Med students selected nationwide by the University of Maryland School of Medicine to travel to Mali, West Africa and assist in a Malaria Vaccine Research Program in collaboration with the World’s Health Organization and the National Institute of Health. Luc spent 2 months traveling in rural Mali, conducting research and educating villagers on how to fight against the Malaria epidemic.

Luc may have traded his white lab coat for a career in Technology but his passion for social entrepreneurship and solving some of the biggest problems affecting communities around the world remains vibrant.


Our Mission: to Empower Consumers to Reward Social Good Brands

We aim to transform “business as usual” into business for a better world by encouraging a corporate culture where success is measured not only by a company’s profit, but by its benefits to people and our planet. This is often called the Triple Bottom Line. We will accomplish this mission by empowering consumers to reward social good brands.

The M+ 4/22 Pledge

Inspired by Earth Day, which coincidentally also corresponds to the April 22 “b-earthday” of Miigle+’s Founder and CEO, Luc Berlin, our “M+ 4 / 22 Pledge” is the cornerstone of our corporate social responsibility.

What does it mean?


To us, “+” is more than a mathematical symbol. It is a reminder that with vision + action + perseverance + by working together we can all play a role in making the world a better place.

4 / 22

As a company, Miigle+ is committed to contribute 4% of our profit and up to 22% of staff time towards social and environmental causes worldwide.

We are proud to be forming partnerships with these praise-worthy nonprofit organizations:


Meet Our Team

We believe that solving big problems requires great minds, big hearts and people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Collectively we share decades of different professional and personal experiences, but deep inside, each one of us is really just a hungry, foolish idealist. We believe that if we’re going to do the work that matters most to us, we might as well go big.

Luc Berlin


Michael Evans

Co-Founder & COO

Josh Fester


Wilian Iralzabal


Anitha Thenappan


Yuki Rosene

Front End Dev.

Sarah Smith


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Together, we can change the world.

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