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Submitting a Social Good Brand or Product on Miigle+

A key objective of us building Miigle+ was to make it easier for people to discover amazing brands that match their social or environmental values. That said, we also believed that the best way to succeed in that initiative was to allow people to submit brands or products that they also thought should be listed […]

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8 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Helped Start Philanthropies

Personally, I find the concept of celebrities supporting a cause a bit interesting. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great to see people use their fame to positively impact the lives of others or give fuel to a movement. That said, I can never help but wonder if they are doing it for the […]

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Buying Social Good: Products, People and Nature in Perfect Harmony

Imagine a world where purchasing power was centered firmly around notions of environmental protection, human rights, fair trade and community development. A world where brands competed with each other to attract the attention of consumers based on social and ethical platforms, and the top performing and most respected brands were not those with the largest […]

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Miigle: Our Story

In 2003, I was one of six pre-med students selected nationwide by the University of Maryland School of Medicine to intern in a medical research program to develop a vaccine against Malaria in Mali, West Africa. As a naive 20 year old college student who dreamed of changing the world, that was the greatest honor […]

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