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4 All Humanity

Fair Trade and Ethically Sourced Womens Clothing, Apparel, and Accessories. Brought to you from Uganda, India, and other awesome countries!

4 All Humanity info combines an eye for fashion with a love for all things global.

Founder Zoe Schumm is determined to transform lives and change the world through fabrics and business. She has a background in fashion and a passion for fair trade and workers rights.

4 All Humanity offers ethically sourced women’s clothing and accessories, producing eco-friendly and one-of-a-kind pieces handcrafted with love. They work with local artisans in Guatemala, and connect them to the global marketplace. Artisans are paid a fair livable wage to hone their craft by doing meaningful work and creating economic stability for their families and communities. They are able to pay for schools and food for their families and improve their neighborhoods, creating economic stability on a wider scale.

“Each piece has a story to tell- a story of persistence, strength, dignity, hope and unique beauty. We hope that you find your story in our products and are inspired to show off your unique beauty.”

4 All Humanity

Smart is BeYOUtiful Shirt


4 All Humanity

Amar Sheath


4 All Humanity

Mayan Pencil Skirt