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Everlane is a LA-based Fashion Brand that believes in exceptional quality, ethical factories, and radical transparency.

Founder Michael Preysman realized that the world of fashion retail was broken-with high overhead costs and the upkeep of physical stores. Mark-ups applied by traditional distributors, meant that by the time goods got to the consumer, basic items were priced up to 8 times what they cost to make.

Inspired by the ‘Warby-Parker approach’, Preysman realized he could bypass the middle man, and create a direct-to-consumer fashion brand for the digital age, strongly rooted in radical transparency.

The result was Everlane info, a San Francisco-based online-only brand selling high quality basics with a minimalist aesthetic at a fraction of the cost of other retailers. Everlane discloses exactly how much each item costs the company to make, alongside Everlane’s cost, and what it would likely cost at other ‘traditional’ retailers. Not only are they transparent about their costs, they are also transparent about the factories that they work with, building strong a personal relationships with their owners.

Following their mantra, ‘know your factories, know your costs, always ask why’, as a brand they are not afraid to break boundaries and challenge the status quo.

Everlane has a unique business approach. In choosing to sell entirely online, they have no retail stores, no advertising costs, no seasonal collections and offer no discounts or sales on their line. They truly offer a ‘less is more’ approach.

“We don’t want fashion. Being on trend is not the goal. We want lasting styles.”


The Quilted Peacoat



The Slim Fit Oxford