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JustOne is an organization that follows fair trade practices to offer world changing fashion.

JustOne info is an organization that follows fair trade practices to offer world changing fashion. Each purchase you make directly supports people around the globe struggling with poverty and brings awareness to their needs. You offer a hand up, rather than a hand out – contributing to their needs while allowing them to maintain their dignity.

JustOne loves to tell the stories of the artisans who made each product so you know how you are making an impact. Each item is hand crafted and one of a kind. Founder Krista Jefferson explains how people began to notice and compliment her necklace she had purchased as a souvenir in Uganda. People listened to the stories of the hands who had made it. On her photography blog she asked if anyone would like to buy their own necklace to support the women who made it, and in two weeks over 200 necklaces were sold. A waiting list grew and grew and… JustOne was conceived.

By purchasing jewelry from JustOne you are making a statement not just in your fashion choices – but in how you live. A statement that you are offering a hand up to brothers and sisters across the globe to a better life. By telling others about JustOne you are giving others the opportunity to join in the story of world change.

“I turn on the news, and am overwhelmed by the needs around the world. People who are starving, sick, living in poverty and war. I wonder - what can I do? I am Just One person. I can not help all as much as I would love to...but I can start with Just One choice at a time to make a difference in this world. I can be a world changer." - Krista Jefferson


Blue, White, Brown Fringe Necklace