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Moo Shoes

Moo Shoes is a vegan-owned business that sells an assortment of cruelty-free and animal-approved, footwear, apparel and accessories.

Moo Shoes info is a vegan store specializing in cruelty-free footwear, bags, apparel and accessories. If you’re wanting to lessen your leather footprint, then Moo shoes is for you.

Originally founded in 2001 by sisters and Queens natives, Erica and Sara Kubersky, Moo Shoes began in New York, selling stylish and quality alternatives to leather, where it became the first cruelty-free store of its kind in NYC. The NYC location is also home to a slew of rescue cats that were adopted from some of their favorite local organizations.

Having since partnered with long-time graphic designers Katie Frichel and Troy Farmer, who share the sister’s mutual interest in animal welfare, the brand has now opened a second location in Silver Lake, Los Angeles.

But don’t worry, if you don’t happen to live in either of the two locations, you can still benefit from the line of animal friendly, on-trend styles by purchasing online.

“For all of us, this isn’t about selling shoes, it’s about not killing cows; it’s about providing a great, cruelty-free product that also pushes a message that it is easy for us all to make a difference for the better.”

Moo Shoes

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