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Verry Kerry

Verry Kerry produces ethically made loungewear and daywear for women and men, in unique, limited edition prints.

Inspired by colorful travels and adventures, Verry Kerry info likes to do things a little differently. Believing in creating a feeling that lasts, instead of following fashion and trends, whilst championing sustainability, and a fairer and ethical society.

Each item is created with passion, ethics and exceptional craftsmanship. All collections are beautifully hand finished by skillful artisans in a fair and ethical factory, to create unique, eye-catching pieces with the intent to make people smile.

Passionate about the sustainability of our planet and its communities: all pieces are ethically made in India, transforming production’s waste into new beautiful things.

“Growing up in Zambia, central Africa, it was the vibrant, bold and incredibly beautiful textiles that always brought a smile to my face. Despite the obvious hardships that surrounded my fellow Zambians, it was their persistence in wearing these magnificent, colorful and exciting prints that inspired me and continues to do so today”, says Founder Kerry Mounsey.

"We deeply care about the people, suppliers, fabrics, manufacturing and packaging that we use, and the impact our production has on the environment, and the people who help create it."

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