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Wear Panda produces bamboo sunglasses and watches that are sustainable for the planet and kind to those in need.

The vision for WearPanda info was to create a fashion company with a purpose. One that could help people in a meaningful way that could also help the planet.

The founders were deeply inspired by the TOMS movement, and decided to create great looking, ethical, sustainable, hand crafted bamboo products-sunglasses and watches, to help transform the lives of disadvantaged people around the world. Panda use the highest quality bamboo for their products for its sustainability and high durability, and also to pay homage to founder Vincent Ko’s Chinese American background. Similar to TOMS, WearPanda use their fabulous products to create a social and environmental impact worldwide. Each one of a kind product sold, gives back.

For every pair of sunglasses sold, the gift of vision is given to someone in need-either in the form of an eye exam, prescription glasses or other medical assistance to those with cataracts or similar eye deficiencies. The purchase of their latest product, the bamboo watch, gives the gift of education for developing communities via partnership with Pencils of Promise.

Supporting the organizations that they do enables children to learn, adults to work, and the elderly to maintain their independence.

“Over 702 millions people are still living without access to eyewear. There’s a lot of work to do, but our mission is set and we’re excited to make progress together.”


Bamboo Watch: Natural + Cork