“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.”

- Margaret Mead

How to use Miigle+

Miigle+ is rooted in our conviction that everyone can play a role in making the world a better place. We developed a technology that supports socially conscious brands and allows people to use their purchasing power to support brands that help our fellow humans and protect the planet we all call home. Thank you for visiting our site; you’ve taken the first step to become a valuable member of our global socially conscious shopping community. Please join us in this important cause. Now, let’s get you into the app!
Step 1

Create Your Profile

Joining Miigle takes only a few seconds. Start by clicking on the “Join Miigle Free” button on the navigation bar then selecting between the Facebook or Twitter social login buttons. You’ll then receive an email notification with an embedded link. Click on that link to verify your account and complete your profile.

Step 2

Post A Product

When you post products on Miigle, you’re helping those brands get global visibility and earn support. Log into your account, click on the “Post” button on the navigation bar and request to be invited to post. We do this to help ensure that people are posting products that are thoughtful and provide value to the community. Once approved, you’ll be able to freely post products on Miigle.

Step 3

Support A Product

See a great product or brand on Miigle that you had no idea existed? Well, that’s the point! We also make it easy for you to show your support in four simple ways.



Upvoting is like giving your seal of approval on a product. The more upvotes a product has, the more chances it has to be prominently featured on the site and our email newsletter.


Commenting is the best way to share your thoughts with the Brand as well as other members of the community. We respect any opinions but we do ask that you keep them civil.


Buying a product is the greatest endorsement you can give a brand. It helps them keep the lights on at their factories, pay their employees, and produce more amazing products to benefit us all.


Sharing your activities on Miigle on Facebook and Twitter spreads awareness amongst your friends and family. Most of these brands are still in very early stages so every share matters!
Well, that’s it! Now you’re ready to use Miigle+ Products like an expert.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to checking out your posts! Happy Miiglin’! ;)

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