Tree Tribe

20 oz Eco Water Bottle – Stainless Steel Double Walled


INSULATED – Double wall vacuum sealed design keeps cold water cold for an entire day! Hot liquids can stay super hot for 6+ hours, and pretty hot up to 12 hours. It’s kinda like a thermos, but way cooler! LASTS FOREVER – Durable 18/10 stainless steel outer shell is tough and corrosion resistant. Inside, we use 18/8 food-grade stainless steel to maintain cleanliness and integrity of taste. The lid will never strip, and a strong silicone ring keeps it leak-proof and air-tight for ages. ECO FRIENDLY- Save tons of plastic from being produced by using our reusable Eco Bottle instead of cheap disposable bottles. No plastic in this product – It’s BPA free and made with clean, durable stainless steel, and capped with bamboo to keep that nature vibe with you at all times. LEAK PROOF – Airtight silicone lid gasket guarantees your bottle will never leak, even in the most rugged situations. Having an airtight seal means you can multipurpose the bottle and keep soup and smoothies fresh too. Nice!
Available in 12 oz or 20 oz.


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