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Ankole Wall Mount


The Ankole-Watusi, also referred to as Ankole Longhorn, is a stunning breed of cattle native to Africa. Their distinctive horns can reach up to 8 feet from tip to tip, making them some of the largest horns in the world. In addition to their impressive size, Ankole horns are also known for their beautiful variation of colors – ranging from light to dark, with exotic stripes of ivory, black and brown. Similar to a fingerprint, no two horns are exactly alike, making them unique and rare.After utilizing horn for the creation of many of our goods, we realized that the Ankole skull and accompanying horns were a true piece of art themselves, and should be celebrated. We worked with our talented in-house cow horn artisans to properly clean the skull and polish the horns; then we turned to a local carpenter to craft a sturdy backing of Mugavu wood by hand, perfect for ensuring that the mount can be hung with ease. The result is a head-turning piece unlike anything you’ve seen before – perfect for a large blank wall, above a mantel, or even on an outdoor porch or veranda.Each skull and horn set was sourced ethically in Kampala, Uganda as a food by-product. From start to finish, each mount takes about a week to complete, utilizing the skill and touch of more than five artisans all working in fair-trade environments.


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