Rose & Fitzgerald

Handspun Berkeley Pillow


Our favorite time of year to visit Berkeley, California is in the fall and winter, when the golden colors of autumn come alive in the area – thanks to it being ablaze with lemon-yellow gingko leaves, maples, grapevines, and sycamores. Our Berkeley pillow captures the spirit of this beloved beatnik town and its many hues of browns and yellows. While in Ethiopia, we spent the day at Sabahar, a green haven in the middle of Addis Ababa, and one of the premier weaving workshops in the region. It boasts a talented staff of weavers, spinners, dyers and finishers who turn cotton and silk into works of art. We immediately fell in love with this pillow design (which is exclusive to us!) and admired their fair trade practices and approach. The all-natural cotton was handpicked and then spun on looms and the dyes used are natural and non-toxic. The tiny black spots or specs that you sometimes see in the material are from natural seeds of the cotton, making each piece unique and slightly textured – but no less soft.Included is an extra plush hypoallergenic down-alternative insert. This pillow arrives ready to be enjoyed!


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