Talking Tech and Ethical Shopping with Molly Stillman from “Business with Purpose” Podcast

A few weeks ago, while working in Bali, I had the great pleasure of jumping on a very late night call with Molly Stillman from, a wonderful online resource that produces great content on ethical living and promotes the works of social entrepreneurs and brands fighting hard daily to make the world a better place. After a day under the blazing sun of Seminyak, I was not only exhausted but also quite frankly a bit anxious … this, after all, was my very first podcast recording and there couldn’t have been a better host than Molly.  Her energy was extremely contagious and hearing the passion in her voice gave me the boost of energy I needed to talk about ethical shopping, tech, artificial intelligence and Iron Man at 1AM! Needless to say, it was a lot of fun to record and worth listening to! #NoBias ?

Here’s how Molly herself put it:

Have you ever had a dream as a child, or heck, even as an adult, and you had your mind set on that dream? How you thought life was going to certainly take you in one direction, and then an event, or a trip, or an experience completely shifts everything for you and you realize that the thing you thought you were supposed to do is now no longer the thing you thought you were supposed to do? I mean, for me, I spent nearly my entire life first quarter of my life DREAMING of being on Saturday Night Live. It was all I ever wanted to do was make people laugh for a living… and then life took a turn. And my life looks so different than what I thought it would originally look like… but for that, I’m thankful. And I’m now, in so many ways, living a life that is so much richer and fuller than I could have ever anticipated. I’m thankful for the twists life took me on and the redirection I took… because for that, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Have you ever been in that situation? Have you ever felt like that? Well, it’s not all that uncommon… Has that life twist and turn impacted the lives of OTHERS?  

My guest this week is Luc Berlin, the founder of Miigle+, a platform dedicated to making ethical shopping easier for the consumer and connecting consumers to ethical and sustainable brands. Luc has an incredible story and I know you will LOVE him! So without further ado, on to the episode with Luc!

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Thank you again for the incredible work you do, Molly, and for building a platform that amplifies the voices and ideas of social entrepreneurs like myself!

Luc Berlin